Xi An JianYe electronic technology co.,LTD. Has a strong technical team,Staff average age is 28 years old the following, bachelor degree or above,80% of the employees, they provide reliable technical support for you! The high quality talent team,they are vigorous, always stand in the forefront of modern science and technology work conscientiously selflessly. Their attention,grasp the latest technical achievements of the IT industry,convert IT to the intelligent transportation business,and strive to provide customers with the latest and most complete system solutions.

   Xi An JianYe electronic technology co.,LTD.is a collection of scientific research,production,sale in a body,the whole heart is committed to high-tech enterprises in the field of intelligent transportation. Research with great concentration for many years, the company has introduced a series of intelligent transportation products with independent intellectual property rights: without a stop overrun detection system,license plate recognition system, wide probe vehicles,vehicle length measuring instrument, automatic electronic truck scale, axle load dynamic said, etc. At the same time,we also undertake from the development of electronic productions and computer hardware and software and services.



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